Dallas Housing Authority Rezoning Proposal on Kings Rd.
The Dallas Housing Authority (DHA) is planning to almost double the number of units that was once on Kings Road and build one of the single largest concentration of low income housing units in any single DHA complex on the large parcel of land on Hartford between Kings Road and Hawthorne Avenue. Proposed rezoning originally requested by DHA was to allow 4 story units up to 65' in height and reduced parking requirements that would allow over 400 units to be built on that one piece of land compared to the 200 that were previously on the land. These new units plus the almost 200 across the street from it would have created almost 600 units of low income housing neighboring Hawthorne Ave.

As a result of community involvement, DHA has rescinded their request to build 4 story units and reduced the overall number of units they are currently planning to build to 366 units. Additionally, DHA has recognized community concerns and provided some provisions to try to address those concerns. However, they are still requesting a variance for reduced parking. To ensure the best scenario ends up coming to fruition, continued community support is encouraged as there is the chance that DHA could rescind their request and accomodations and end up building a far greater number of units. DHA will build on this property, but you can help ensure the best for the surrounding neighborhood, community and even the future residents at this property. If interested in staying informed, helping to get the word out to others or have questions, please email info@rezoningDHA.com

Please mark your calendars for the following to help ensure the best scenario for all: 

Wednesday, March 26th – Public hearing at Dallas City Council Meeting in regards to the parking variance request of DHA and the special provision request of the community for the driveway on Kings Road to restrict vehicles to fire department access only or the compromise of a gated exit only for the driveway.  

The following file is a quick summary of the Dallas Housing Authority Proposal, Concerns, Important Dates, Action Points and Contacts: DHA_Rezoning_Information_and_Issues_w_contacts.docx
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This website represents a group of concerned citizens who live in the area surrounding the proposed rezoning. After finding out about the proposal, a small group was formed to help inform others and get the word out about the proposed actions. Since then, the group has expanded and currently meets to try to help organize efforts. If you would like to help work with the group or have ideas on how to best share news about the actions of the Dallas Housing Authority and help others voice their opinion, please email
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